FieldNoteRef class

FieldNoteRef class

Implements the NOTEREF field. To learn more, visit the Working with Fields documentation article.


Inserts the mark of the footnote or endnote that is marked by the specified bookmark.

Inheritance: FieldNoteRefField


FieldNoteRef()The default constructor.


bookmark_nameGets or sets the name of the bookmark.
display_resultGets the text that represents the displayed field result.
(Inherited from Field)
endGets the node that represents the field end.
(Inherited from Field)
formatGets a FieldFormat object that provides typed access to field’s formatting.
(Inherited from Field)
insert_hyperlinkGets or sets whether to insert a hyperlink to the bookmarked paragraph.
insert_reference_markInserts the reference mark with the same character formatting as the Footnote Reference or Endnote Reference style.
insert_relative_positionGets or sets whether to insert a relative position of the bookmarked paragraph.
is_dirtyGets or sets whether the current result of the field is no longer correct (stale) due to other modifications made to the document.
(Inherited from Field)
is_lockedGets or sets whether the field is locked (should not recalculate its result).
(Inherited from Field)
locale_idGets or sets the LCID of the field.
(Inherited from Field)
resultGets or sets text that is between the field separator and field end.
(Inherited from Field)
separatorGets the node that represents the field separator. Can be None.
(Inherited from Field)
startGets the node that represents the start of the field.
(Inherited from Field)
typeGets the Microsoft Word field type.
(Inherited from Field)


get_field_code()Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator). Both field code and field result of child fields are included.
(Inherited from Field)
get_field_code(include_child_field_codes)Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator).
(Inherited from Field)
remove()Removes the field from the document. Returns a node right after the field. If the field’s end is the last child of its parent node, returns its parent paragraph. If the field is already removed, returns None.
(Inherited from Field)
unlink()Performs the field unlink.
(Inherited from Field)
update()Performs the field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.
(Inherited from Field)
update(ignore_merge_format)Performs a field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.
(Inherited from Field)


Shows to insert NOTEREF fields, and modify their appearance.

def field_note_ref():
    doc = aw.Document()
    builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
    # Create a bookmark with a footnote that the NOTEREF field will reference.
    insert_bookmark_with_footnote(builder, 'MyBookmark1', 'Contents of MyBookmark1', 'Footnote from MyBookmark1')
    # This NOTEREF field will display the number of the footnote inside the referenced bookmark.
    # Setting the "insert_hyperlink" property lets us jump to the bookmark by Ctrl + clicking the field in Microsoft Word.
    self.assertEqual(' NOTEREF  MyBookmark2 \\h', insert_field_note_ref(builder, 'MyBookmark2', True, False, False, 'Hyperlink to Bookmark2, with footnote number ').get_field_code())
    # When using the \p flag, after the footnote number, the field also displays the bookmark's position relative to the field.
    # Bookmark1 is above this field and contains footnote number 1, so the result will be "1 above" on update.
    self.assertEqual(' NOTEREF  MyBookmark1 \\h \\p', insert_field_note_ref(builder, 'MyBookmark1', True, True, False, 'Bookmark1, with footnote number ').get_field_code())
    # Bookmark2 is below this field and contains footnote number 2, so the field will display "2 below".
    # The \f flag makes the number 2 appear in the same format as the footnote number label in the actual text.
    self.assertEqual(' NOTEREF  MyBookmark2 \\h \\p \\f', insert_field_note_ref(builder, 'MyBookmark2', True, True, True, 'Bookmark2, with footnote number ').get_field_code())
    insert_bookmark_with_footnote(builder, 'MyBookmark2', 'Contents of MyBookmark2', 'Footnote from MyBookmark2')
    doc.update_fields() + 'Field.field_note_ref.docx')

def insert_field_note_ref(builder: aw.DocumentBuilder, bookmark_name: str, insert_hyperlink: bool, insert_relative_position: bool, insert_reference_mark: bool, text_before: str) -> aw.fields.FieldNoteRef:
    """Uses a document builder to insert a NOTEREF field with specified properties."""
    field = builder.insert_field(aw.fields.FieldType.FIELD_NOTE_REF, True).as_field_note_ref()
    field.bookmark_name = bookmark_name
    field.insert_hyperlink = insert_hyperlink
    field.insert_relative_position = insert_relative_position
    field.insert_reference_mark = insert_reference_mark
    return field

def insert_bookmark_with_footnote(builder: aw.DocumentBuilder, bookmark_name: str, bookmark_text: str, footnote_text: str):
    """Uses a document builder to insert a named bookmark with a footnote at the end."""
    builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, footnote_text)

Shows how to cross-reference footnotes with the NOTEREF field.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.write('CrossReference: ')
# <--- don't update field
field = builder.insert_field(awf.FieldType.FIELD_NOTE_REF, False).as_field_note_ref()
field.bookmark_name = 'CrossRefBookmark'
field.insert_hyperlink = True
field.insert_reference_mark = True
field.insert_relative_position = False
builder.write('Hello world!')
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, 'Cross referenced footnote.')
# This field works only in older versions of Microsoft Word. + 'Field.field_note_ref.doc')

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