embed_system_fonts property

FontInfoCollection.embed_system_fonts property

Specifies whether or not to embed System fonts into the document. Default value for this property is False.

This option works only when FontInfoCollection.embed_true_type_fonts option is set to True.

def embed_system_fonts(self) -> bool:

def embed_system_fonts(self, value: bool):


Setting this property to True is useful if the user is on an East Asian system and wants to create a document that is readable by others who do not have fonts for that language on their system. For example, a user on a Japanese system could choose to embed the fonts in a document so that the Japanese document would be readable on all systems.

This option works for DOC, DOCX and RTF formats only.


Shows how to save a document with embedded TrueType fonts.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + 'Document.docx')
font_infos = doc.font_infos
font_infos.embed_true_type_fonts = embed_all_fonts
font_infos.embed_system_fonts = embed_all_fonts
font_infos.save_subset_fonts = embed_all_fonts
doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + 'Font.font_info_collection.docx')
if embed_all_fonts:
    self.assertLess(25000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + 'Font.font_info_collection.docx'))
    self.assertGreater(15000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + 'Font.font_info_collection.docx'))

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