PhysicalFontInfo class

PhysicalFontInfo class

Specifies information about physical font available to Aspose.Words font engine. To learn more, visit the Working with Fonts documentation article.


file_pathPath to the font file if any.
font_family_nameFamily name of the font.
full_font_nameFull name of the font.
versionVersion string of the font.


Shows how to list available fonts.

# Configure Aspose.Words to source fonts from a custom folder, and then print every available font.
folder_font_source = [aw.fonts.FolderFontSource(FONTS_DIR, True)]

for font_info in folder_font_source[0].get_available_fonts():
    print("FontFamilyName :", font_info.font_family_name)
    print("FullFontName   :", font_info.full_font_name)
    print("Version  :", font_info.version)
    print("FilePath :", font_info.file_path)

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