LayoutOptions class

LayoutOptions class

Holds the options that allow controlling the document layout process. To learn more, visit the Converting to Fixed-page Format documentation article.

You do not create instances of this class directly. Use the Document.layout_options property to access layout options for this document.

Note that after changing any of the options present in this class, Document.update_page_layout() method should be called in order for the changed options to be applied to the layout.


LayoutOptions()The default constructor.


callbackGets or sets IPageLayoutCallback implementation used by page layout model.
comment_display_modeGets or sets the way comments are rendered. Default value is CommentDisplayMode.SHOW_IN_BALLOONS.
continuous_section_page_numbering_restartGets or sets the mode of behavior for computing page numbers when a continuous section restarts the page numbering.
ignore_printer_metricsGets or sets indication of whether the “Use printer metrics to lay out document” compatibility option is ignored. Default is True.
keep_original_font_metricsGets or sets an indication of whether the original font metrics should be used after font substitution. Default is True.
revision_optionsGets revision options.
show_hidden_textGets or sets indication of whether hidden text in the document is rendered. Default is False.
show_paragraph_marksGets or sets indication of whether paragraph marks are rendered. Default is False.
text_shaper_factoryGets or sets ITextShaperFactory implementation used for Advanced Typography rendering features.


Shows how to alter the appearance of revisions in a rendered output document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Insert a revision, then change the color of all revisions to green.
builder.writeln("This is not a revision.")
doc.start_track_revisions("John Doe",
builder.writeln("This is a revision.")
builder.writeln("This is not a revision.")

# Remove the bar that appears to the left of every revised line.
doc.layout_options.revision_options.inserted_text_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.BRIGHT_GREEN
doc.layout_options.revision_options.show_revision_bars = False + "Document.layout_options_revisions.pdf")

Shows how to hide text in a rendered output document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Insert hidden text, then specify whether we wish to omit it from a rendered document.
builder.writeln("This text is not hidden.")
builder.font.hidden = True
builder.writeln("This text is hidden.")

doc.layout_options.show_hidden_text = show_hidden_text + "Document.layout_options_hidden_text.pdf")

Shows how to show paragraph marks in a rendered output document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Add some paragraphs, then enable paragraph marks to show the ends of paragraphs
# with a pilcrow (¶) symbol when we render the document.
builder.writeln("Hello world!")
builder.writeln("Hello again!")

doc.layout_options.show_paragraph_marks = show_paragraph_marks + "Document.layout_options_paragraph_marks.pdf")

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