ShowInBalloons enumeration

ShowInBalloons enumeration

Specifies which revisions are rendered in balloons.

Note that revisions are not rendered in balloons for CommentDisplayMode.SHOW_IN_ANNOTATIONS.


NONERenders insert, delete and format revisions inline.
FORMATRenders insert and delete revisions inline, format revisions in balloons.
FORMAT_AND_DELETERenders insert revisions inline, delete and format revisions in balloons.


Shows how to modify the appearance of revisions.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Revisions.docx")

# Get the RevisionOptions object that controls the appearance of revisions.
revision_options = doc.layout_options.revision_options

# Render insertion revisions in green and italic.
revision_options.inserted_text_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.GREEN
revision_options.inserted_text_effect = aw.layout.RevisionTextEffect.ITALIC

# Render deletion revisions in red and bold.
revision_options.deleted_text_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.RED
revision_options.deleted_text_effect = aw.layout.RevisionTextEffect.BOLD

# The same text will appear twice in a movement revision:
# once at the departure point and once at the arrival destination.
# Render the text at the moved-from revision yellow with a double strike through
# and double-underlined blue at the moved-to revision.
revision_options.moved_from_text_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.YELLOW
revision_options.moved_from_text_effect = aw.layout.RevisionTextEffect.DOUBLE_STRIKE_THROUGH
revision_options.moved_to_text_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.CLASSIC_BLUE
revision_options.moved_from_text_effect = aw.layout.RevisionTextEffect.DOUBLE_UNDERLINE

# Render format revisions in dark red and bold.
revision_options.revised_properties_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.DARK_RED
revision_options.revised_properties_effect = aw.layout.RevisionTextEffect.BOLD

# Place a thick dark blue bar on the left side of the page next to lines affected by revisions.
revision_options.revision_bars_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.DARK_BLUE
revision_options.revision_bars_width = 15.0

# Show revision marks and original text.
revision_options.show_original_revision = True
revision_options.show_revision_marks = True

# Get movement, deletion, formatting revisions, and comments to show up in green balloons
# on the right side of the page.
revision_options.show_in_balloons = aw.layout.ShowInBalloons.FORMAT
revision_options.comment_color = aw.layout.RevisionColor.BRIGHT_GREEN

# These features are only applicable to formats such as .pdf or .jpg. + "Revision.revision_options.pdf")

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