ListLabel class

ListLabel class

Defines properties specific to a list label. To learn more, visit the Working with Lists documentation article.


fontGets the list label font.
label_stringGets a string representation of list label.
label_valueGets a numeric value for this label.


Shows how to extract the list labels of all paragraphs that are list items.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Rendering.docx")

paras = [node.as_paragraph() for node in doc.get_child_nodes(aw.NodeType.PARAGRAPH, True)]

# Find if we have the paragraph list. In our document, our list uses plain Arabic numbers,
# which start at three and ends at six.
for paragraph in paras:
    if paragraph.list_format.is_list_item:
        print(f"List item paragraph #{paras.index(paragraph)}")

        # This is the text we get when getting when we output this node to text format.
        # This text output will omit list labels. Strip any paragraph formatting characters.
        paragraph_text = paragraph.to_string(aw.SaveFormat.TEXT).strip()
        print(f"\tExported Text: {paragraph_text}")

        label = paragraph.list_label

        # This gets the position of the paragraph in the current level of the list. If we have a list with multiple levels,
        # this will tell us what position it is on that level.
        print(f"\tNumerical Id: {label.label_value}")

        # Combine them together to include the list label with the text in the output.
        print(f"\tList label combined with text: {label.label_string} {paragraph_text}")

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