font property

ListLevel.font property

Specifies character formatting used for the list label.

def font(self) -> aspose.words.Font:


Shows how to apply custom list formatting to paragraphs when using DocumentBuilder.

doc = aw.Document()
# A list allows us to organize and decorate sets of paragraphs with prefix symbols and indents.
# We can create nested lists by increasing the indent level.
# We can begin and end a list by using a document builder's "list_format" property.
# Each paragraph that we add between a list's start and the end will become an item in the list.
# Create a list from a Microsoft Word template, and customize the first two of its list levels.
list = doc.lists.add(aw.lists.ListTemplate.NUMBER_DEFAULT)
list_level = list.list_levels[0]
list_level.font.color =
list_level.font.size = 24
list_level.number_style = aw.NumberStyle.ORDINAL_TEXT
list_level.start_at = 21
list_level.number_format = '\x00'
list_level.number_position = -36
list_level.text_position = 144
list_level.tab_position = 144
list_level = list.list_levels[1]
list_level.alignment = aw.lists.ListLevelAlignment.RIGHT
list_level.number_style = aw.NumberStyle.BULLET = 'Wingdings'
list_level.font.color =
list_level.font.size = 24
# This NumberFormat value will create star-shaped bullet list symbols.
list_level.number_format = '\uf0af'
list_level.trailing_character = aw.lists.ListTrailingCharacter.SPACE
list_level.number_position = 144
# Create paragraphs and apply both list levels of our custom list formatting to them.
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.list_format.list = list
builder.writeln('The quick brown fox...')
builder.writeln('The quick brown fox...')
builder.writeln('jumped over the lazy dog.')
builder.writeln('jumped over the lazy dog.')
builder.writeln('The quick brown fox...')
builder.list_format.remove_numbers() + 'Lists.create_custom_list.docx')

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