language_preferences property

LoadOptions.language_preferences property

Gets language preferences that will be used when document is loading.

def language_preferences(self) -> aspose.words.loading.LanguagePreferences:


Shows how to apply language preferences when loading a document.

load_options = aw.loading.LoadOptions()
doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + 'No default editing language.docx', load_options)
locale_id_far_east = doc.styles.default_font.locale_id_far_east
if locale_id_far_east == aw.loading.EditingLanguage.JAPANESE:
    print('The document either has no any FarEast language set in defaults or it was set to Japanese originally.')
    print('The document default FarEast language was set to another than Japanese language originally, so it is not overridden.')

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