msw_version property

LoadOptions.msw_version property

Allows to specify that the document loading process should match a specific MS Word version. Default value is MsWordVersion.WORD2019

def msw_version(self) -> aspose.words.settings.MsWordVersion:

def msw_version(self, value: aspose.words.settings.MsWordVersion):


Different Word versions may handle certain aspects of document content and formatting slightly differently during the loading process, which may result in minor differences in Document Object Model.


Shows how to emulate the loading procedure of a specific Microsoft Word version during document loading.

# By default, Aspose.Words load documents according to Microsoft Word 2019 specification.
load_options = aw.loading.LoadOptions()
self.assertEqual(aw.settings.MsWordVersion.WORD2019, load_options.msw_version)
# This document is missing the default paragraph formatting style.
# This default style will be regenerated when we load the document either with Microsoft Word or Aspose.Words.
load_options.msw_version = aw.settings.MsWordVersion.WORD2007
doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'Document.docx', load_options=load_options)
# The style's line spacing will have this value when loaded by Microsoft Word 2007 specification.
self.assertAlmostEqual(12.95, doc.styles.default_paragraph_format.line_spacing, delta=0.01)

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