OfficeMathDisplayType enumeration

OfficeMathDisplayType enumeration

Specifies the display format type of the equation.


DISPLAYThe Office Math is displayed on its own line.
INLINEThe Office Math is displayed inline with the text.


Shows how to set office math display formatting.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Office math.docx")

office_math = doc.get_child(aw.NodeType.OFFICE_MATH, 0, True).as_office_math()

# OfficeMath nodes that are children of other OfficeMath nodes are always inline.
# The node we are working with is the base node to change its location and display type.
self.assertEqual(aw.math.MathObjectType.O_MATH_PARA, office_math.math_object_type)
self.assertEqual(aw.NodeType.OFFICE_MATH, office_math.node_type)
self.assertEqual(office_math.parent_node, office_math.parent_paragraph)

# Change the location and display type of the OfficeMath node.
office_math.display_type = aw.math.OfficeMathDisplayType.DISPLAY
office_math.justification = aw.math.OfficeMathJustification.LEFT + "Shape.office_math.docx")

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