FootnoteNumberingRule enumeration

FootnoteNumberingRule enumeration

Determines when automatic footnote or endnote numbering restarts.


CONTINUOUSNumbering continuous throughout the document.
RESTART_SECTIONNumbering restarts at each section.
RESTART_PAGENumbering restarts at each page. Valid for footnotes only.
DEFAULTEquals FootnoteNumberingRule.CONTINUOUS.


Shows how to restart footnote/endnote numbering at certain places in the document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Footnotes and endnotes are a way to attach a reference or a side comment to text
# that does not interfere with the main body text's flow.
# Inserting a footnote/endnote adds a small superscript reference symbol
# at the main body text where we insert the footnote/endnote.
# Each footnote/endnote also creates an entry, which consists of a symbol that matches the reference
# symbol in the main body text. The reference text that we pass to the document builder's "insert_endnote" method.
# Footnote entries, by default, show up at the bottom of each page that contains
# their reference symbols, and endnotes show up at the end of the document.
builder.write("Text 1. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, "Footnote 1.")
builder.write("Text 2. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, "Footnote 2.")
builder.write("Text 3. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, "Footnote 3.")
builder.write("Text 4. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.FOOTNOTE, "Footnote 4.")


builder.write("Text 1. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.ENDNOTE, "Endnote 1.")
builder.write("Text 2. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.ENDNOTE, "Endnote 2.")
builder.write("Text 3. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.ENDNOTE, "Endnote 3.")
builder.write("Text 4. ")
builder.insert_footnote(aw.notes.FootnoteType.ENDNOTE, "Endnote 4.")

# By default, the reference symbol for each footnote and endnote is its index
# among all the document's footnotes/endnotes. Each document maintains separate counts
# for footnotes and endnotes and does not restart these counts at any point.
self.assertEqual(doc.footnote_options.restart_rule, aw.notes.FootnoteNumberingRule.DEFAULT)
self.assertEqual(aw.notes.FootnoteNumberingRule.DEFAULT, aw.notes.FootnoteNumberingRule.CONTINUOUS)

# We can use the "restart_rule" property to get the document to restart
# the footnote/endnote counts at a new page or section.
doc.footnote_options.restart_rule = aw.notes.FootnoteNumberingRule.RESTART_PAGE
doc.endnote_options.restart_rule = aw.notes.FootnoteNumberingRule.RESTART_SECTION + "InlineStory.numbering_rule.docx")

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