ThumbnailGeneratingOptions class

ThumbnailGeneratingOptions class

Can be used to specify additional options when generating thumbnail for a document.

User can call method Document.update_thumbnail() to generate BuiltInDocumentProperties.thumbnail for a document.


ThumbnailGeneratingOptions()The default constructor.


generate_from_first_pageSpecifies whether to generate thumbnail from first page of the document or first image.
thumbnail_sizeSize of generated thumbnail in pixels. Default is 600x900.


Shows how to update a document’s thumbnail.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.writeln("Hello world!")
builder.insert_image(IMAGE_DIR + "Logo.jpg")

# There are two ways of setting a thumbnail image when saving a document to .epub.
# 1 -  Use the document's first page:
doc.update_thumbnail() + "Document.update_thumbnail.first_page.epub")

# 2 -  Use the first image found in the document:
options = aw.rendering.ThumbnailGeneratingOptions()
options.thumbnail_size = drawing.Size(400, 400)
options.generate_from_first_page = False

doc.update_thumbnail(options) + "Document.update_thumbnail.first_image.epub")

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