CssSavingArgs class

CssSavingArgs class

Provides data for the ICssSavingCallback.css_saving() event. To learn more, visit the Save a Document documentation article.


By default, when Aspose.Words saves a document to HTML, it saves CSS information inline (as a value of the style attribute on every element).

CssSavingArgs allows to save CSS information into file by providing your own stream object.

To save CSS into stream, use the CssSavingArgs.css_stream property.

To suppress saving CSS into a file and embedding to HTML document use the CssSavingArgs.is_export_needed property.


css_streamAllows to specify the stream where the CSS information will be saved to.
documentGets the document object that is currently being saved.
is_export_neededAllows to specify whether the CSS will be exported to file and embedded to HTML document. Default is True. When this property is False, the CSS information will not be saved to a CSS file and will not be embedded to HTML document.
keep_css_stream_openSpecifies whether Aspose.Words should keep the stream open or close it after saving an CSS information.

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