encoding property

HtmlFixedSaveOptions.encoding property

Specifies the encoding to use when exporting to HTML. Default value is new UTF8Encoding(true) (UTF-8 with BOM).

def encoding(self) -> str:

def encoding(self, value: str):


Shows how to set which encoding to use while exporting a document to HTML.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.writeln("Hello World!")

# The default encoding is UTF-8. If we want to represent our document using a different encoding,
# we can use a SaveOptions object to set a specific encoding.
html_fixed_save_options = aw.saving.HtmlFixedSaveOptions()
html_fixed_save_options.encoding = "ascii"

self.assertEqual("us-ascii", html_fixed_save_options.encoding)

doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "HtmlFixedSaveOptions.use_encoding.html", html_fixed_save_options)

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