ImageBinarizationMethod enumeration

ImageBinarizationMethod enumeration

Specifies the method used to binarize image.


THRESHOLDSpecifies threshold method.
FLOYD_STEINBERG_DITHERINGSpecifies dithering using Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion method.


Shows how to set the TIFF binarization error threshold when using the Floyd-Steinberg method to render a TIFF image.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc) = doc.styles.get_by_name("Heading 1")
builder.writeln("Hello world!")
builder.insert_image(IMAGE_DIR + "Logo.jpg")

# When we save the document as a TIFF, we can pass a SaveOptions object to
# adjust the dithering that Aspose.Words will apply when rendering this image.
# The default value of the "threshold_for_floyd_steinberg_dithering" property is 128.
# Higher values tend to produce darker images.
options = aw.saving.ImageSaveOptions(aw.SaveFormat.TIFF)
options.tiff_compression = aw.saving.TiffCompression.CCITT3
options.tiff_binarization_method = aw.saving.ImageBinarizationMethod.FLOYD_STEINBERG_DITHERING
options.threshold_for_floyd_steinberg_dithering = 240 + "ImageSaveOptions.floyd_steinberg_dithering.tiff", options)

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