ImagePixelFormat enumeration

ImagePixelFormat enumeration

Specifies the pixel format for the generated images of document pages.


FORMAT_16BPP_RGB_55516 bits per pixel, RGB.
FORMAT_16BPP_RGB_56516 bits per pixel, RGB.
FORMAT_16BPP_ARGB_155516 bits per pixel, ARGB.
FORMAT_24BPP_RGB24 bits per pixel, RGB.
FORMAT_32BPP_RGB32 bits per pixel, RGB.
FORMAT_32BPP_ARGB32 bits per pixel, ARGB.
FORMAT_32BPP_P_ARGB32 bits per pixel, ARGB, premultiplied alpha.
FORMAT_48BPP_RGB48 bits per pixel, RGB.
FORMAT_64BPP_ARGB64 bits per pixel, ARGB.
FORMAT_64BPP_P_ARGB64 bits per pixel, ARGB, premultiplied alpha.
FORMAT_1BPP_INDEXED1 bit per pixel, Indexed.


Shows how to select a bit-per-pixel rate with which to render a document to an image.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc) = doc.styles.get_by_name("Heading 1")
builder.writeln("Hello world!")
builder.insert_image(IMAGE_DIR + "Logo.jpg")

self.assertLess(20000, os.path.getsize(IMAGE_DIR + "Logo.jpg"))

# When we save the document as an image, we can pass a SaveOptions object to
# select a pixel format for the image that the saving operation will generate.
# Various bit per pixel rates will affect the quality and file size of the generated image.
image_save_options = aw.saving.ImageSaveOptions(aw.SaveFormat.PNG)
image_save_options.pixel_format = image_pixel_format

# We can clone ImageSaveOptions instances.
self.assertNotEqual(image_save_options, image_save_options.clone()) + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png", image_save_options)

if image_pixel_format == aw.saving.ImagePixelFormat.FORMAT_1BPP_INDEXED:
    self.assertGreater(10000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png"))

elif image_pixel_format == aw.saving.ImagePixelFormat.FORMAT_16BPP_RGB_555:
    self.assertLess(125000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png"))

elif image_pixel_format == aw.saving.ImagePixelFormat.FORMAT_24BPP_RGB:
    self.assertLess(70000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png"))

elif image_pixel_format == aw.saving.ImagePixelFormat.FORMAT_32BPP_RGB:
    self.assertLess(125000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png"))

elif image_pixel_format == aw.saving.ImagePixelFormat.FORMAT_48BPP_RGB:
    self.assertLess(125000, os.path.getsize(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "ImageSaveOptions.pixel_format.png"))

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