PdfEncryptionDetails class

PdfEncryptionDetails class

Contains details for encrypting and access permissions for a PDF document. To learn more, visit the Protect or Encrypt a Document documentation article.


Name Description
PdfEncryptionDetails(user_password, owner_password) Initializes an instance of this class.


Name Description
owner_password Specifies the owner password for the encrypted PDF document.
permissions Specifies the operations that are allowed to a user on an encrypted PDF document. The default value is PdfPermissions.DISALLOW_ALL.
user_password Specifies the user password required for opening the encrypted PDF document.


Shows how to set permissions on a saved PDF document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.writeln("Hello world!")

encryption_details = aw.saving.PdfEncryptionDetails("password", "")

# Start by disallowing all permissions.
encryption_details.permissions = aw.saving.PdfPermissions.DISALLOW_ALL

# Extend permissions to allow the editing of annotations.
encryption_details.permissions = aw.saving.PdfPermissions.MODIFY_ANNOTATIONS | aw.saving.PdfPermissions.DOCUMENT_ASSEMBLY

# Create a "PdfSaveOptions" object that we can pass to the document's "save" method
# to modify how that method converts the document to .PDF.
save_options = aw.saving.PdfSaveOptions()

# Enable encryption via the "encryption_details" property.
save_options.encryption_details = encryption_details

# When we open this document, we will need to provide the password before accessing its contents.
doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "PdfSaveOptions.encryption_permissions.pdf", save_options)

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