custom_properties_export property

PdfSaveOptions.custom_properties_export property

Gets or sets a value determining the way Document.custom_document_properties are exported to PDF file.

def custom_properties_export(self) -> aspose.words.saving.PdfCustomPropertiesExport:

def custom_properties_export(self, value: aspose.words.saving.PdfCustomPropertiesExport):


Default value is PdfCustomPropertiesExport.NONE.

PdfCustomPropertiesExport.METADATA value is not supported when saving to PDF/A. PdfCustomPropertiesExport.STANDARD will be used instead for PDF/A-1 and PDF/A-2 and PdfCustomPropertiesExport.NONE for PDF/A-4.

PdfCustomPropertiesExport.STANDARD value is not supported when saving to PDF 2.0. PdfCustomPropertiesExport.METADATA will be used instead.


Shows how to export custom properties while converting a document to PDF.

doc = aw.Document()

doc.custom_document_properties.add("Company", "My value")

# Create a "PdfSaveOptions" object that we can pass to the document's "save" method
# to modify how that method converts the document to .PDF.
options = aw.saving.PdfSaveOptions()

# Set the "custom_properties_export" property to "PdfCustomPropertiesExport.NONE" to discard
# custom document properties as we save the document to .PDF.
# Set the "custom_properties_export" property to "PdfCustomPropertiesExport.STANDARD"
# to preserve custom properties within the output PDF document.
# Set the "custom_properties_export" property to "PdfCustomPropertiesExport.METADATA"
# to preserve custom properties in an XMP packet.
options.custom_properties_export = pdf_custom_properties_export_mode + "PdfSaveOptions.custom_properties_export.pdf", options)

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