use_book_fold_printing_settings property

PsSaveOptions.use_book_fold_printing_settings property

Gets or sets a boolean value indicating whether the document should be saved using a booklet printing layout, if it is specified via PageSetup.multiple_pages.

def use_book_fold_printing_settings(self) -> bool:

def use_book_fold_printing_settings(self, value: bool):


If this option is specified, FixedPageSaveOptions.page_set is ignored when saving. This behavior matches MS Word. If book fold printing settings are not specified in page setup, this option will have no effect.


Shows how to save a document to the Postscript format in the form of a book fold.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Paragraphs.docx")

# Create a "PsSaveOptions" object that we can pass to the document's "save" method
# to modify how that method converts the document to PostScript.
# Set the "use_book_fold_printing_settings" property to "True" to arrange the contents
# in the output Postscript document in a way that helps us make a booklet out of it.
# Set the "use_book_fold_printing_settings" property to "False" to save the document normally.
save_options = aw.saving.PsSaveOptions()
save_options.save_format = aw.SaveFormat.PS
save_options.use_book_fold_printing_settings = render_text_as_book_fold

# If we are rendering the document as a booklet, we must set the "multiple_pages"
# properties of the page setup objects of all sections to "MultiplePagesType.BOOK_FOLD_PRINTING".
for section in doc.sections:
    section = section.as_section()
    section.page_setup.multiple_pages = aw.settings.MultiplePagesType.BOOK_FOLD_PRINTING

# Once we print this document on both sides of the pages, we can fold all the pages down the middle at once,
# and the contents will line up in a way that creates a booklet. + "", save_options)

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