update_sdt_content property

SaveOptions.update_sdt_content property

Gets or sets value determining whether content of StructuredDocumentTag is updated before saving.

The default value is False.


Shows how to update structured document tags while saving a document to PDF.

doc = aw.Document()

# Insert a drop-down list structured document tag.
tag = aw.markup.StructuredDocumentTag(doc, aw.markup.SdtType.DROP_DOWN_LIST, aw.markup.MarkupLevel.BLOCK)
tag.list_items.add(aw.markup.SdtListItem("Value 1"))
tag.list_items.add(aw.markup.SdtListItem("Value 2"))
tag.list_items.add(aw.markup.SdtListItem("Value 3"))

# The drop-down list currently displays "Choose an item" as the default text.
# Set the "selected_value" property to one of the list items to get the tag to
# display that list item's value instead of the default text.
tag.list_items.selected_value = tag.list_items[1]


doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "StructuredDocumentTag.update_sdt_content.pdf")

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