VbaModuleCollection indexer


Retrieves a VbaModule object by index.

def __getitem__(self, index: int):
indexintZero-based index of the module to retrieve.


Shows how to access a document’s VBA project information.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "VBA project.docm")

# A VBA project contains a collection of VBA modules.
vba_project = doc.vba_project
if vba_project.is_signed:
    print(f"Project name: {vba_project.name} signed; Project code page: {vba_project.code_page}; Modules count: {vba_project.modules.count}\n")
    print(f"Project name: {vba_project.name} not signed; Project code page: {vba_project.code_page}; Modules count: {vba_project.modules.count}\n")

vba_modules = doc.vba_project.modules

self.assertEqual(vba_modules.count, 3)

for module in vba_modules:
    print(f"Module name: {module.name};\nModule code:\n{module.source_code}\n")

# Set new source code for VBA module. You can access VBA modules in the collection either by index or by name.
vba_modules[0].source_code = "Your VBA code..."
vba_modules.get_by_name("Module1").source_code = "Your VBA code..."

# Remove a module from the collection.

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