VbaReferenceType enumeration

VbaReferenceType enumeration

Allows to specify the type of a VbaReference object.


REGISTEREDSpecifies an Automation type library reference type.
PROJECTSpecified an external VBA project reference type.
ORIGINALSpecifies an original Automation type library reference type.
CONTROLSpecifies a twiddled type library reference type.


Shows how to get/remove an element from the VBA reference collection.

def test_remove_vba_reference(self):

    broken_path = r"X:\broken.dll"
    doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "VBA project.docm")

    references = doc.vba_project.references
    self.assertEqual(5, references.count)

    for i in range(references.count):

        reference = doc.vba_project.references[i]
        path = self.get_lib_id_path(reference)

        if path == broken_path:

    self.assertEqual(4, references.count)

    self.assertEqual(3, references.count)

    doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "VbaProject.remove_vba_reference.docm")

def get_lib_id_path(self, reference: aw.vba.VbaReference) -> str:
    """Returns string representing LibId path of a specified reference."""

    if reference.type in (aw.vba.VbaReferenceType.REGISTERED,
        return self.get_lib_id_reference_path(reference.lib_id)

    if reference.type == aw.vba.VbaReferenceType.PROJECT:
        return self.get_lib_id_project_path(reference.lib_id)

    raise ValueError()

def get_lib_id_reference_path(self, lib_id_reference: str) -> str:
    """Returns path from a specified identifier of an Automation type library."""

    if lib_id_reference is not None:
        ref_parts = lib_id_reference.split('#')
        if len(ref_parts) > 3:
            return ref_parts[3]

    return ""

def get_lib_id_project_path(self, lib_id_project: str) -> str:
    """Returns path from a specified identifier of an Automation type library."""

    return lib_id_project[3:] if lib_id_project is not None else ""

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