TaskPaneDockState enumeration

TaskPaneDockState enumeration

Enumerates available locations of task pane object.


RIGHTDock the task pane on the right side of the document window.
LEFTDock the task pane on the left side of the document window.


Shows how to add a web extension to a document.

doc = aw.Document()

# Create task pane with "MyScript" add-in, which will be used by the document,
# then set its default location.
my_script_task_pane = aw.webextensions.TaskPane()
my_script_task_pane.dock_state = aw.webextensions.TaskPaneDockState.RIGHT
my_script_task_pane.is_visible = True
my_script_task_pane.width = 300
my_script_task_pane.is_locked = True

# If there are multiple task panes in the same docking location, we can set this index to arrange them.
my_script_task_pane.row = 1

# Create an add-in called "MyScript Math Sample", which the task pane will display within.
web_extension = my_script_task_pane.web_extension

# Set application store reference parameters for our add-in, such as the ID.
web_extension.reference.id = "WA104380646"
web_extension.reference.version = ""
web_extension.reference.store_type = aw.webextensions.WebExtensionStoreType.OMEX
web_extension.reference.store = "en-US"
web_extension.properties.add(aw.webextensions.WebExtensionProperty("MyScript", "MyScript Math Sample"))
web_extension.bindings.add(aw.webextensions.WebExtensionBinding("MyScript", aw.webextensions.WebExtensionBindingType.TEXT, "104380646"))

# Allow the user to interact with the add-in.
web_extension.is_frozen = False

# We can access the web extension in Microsoft Word via Developer -> Add-ins.
doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "Document.create_web_extension.docx")

# Remove all web extension task panes at once like this.

self.assertEqual(0, doc.web_extension_task_panes.count)

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