CleanupOptions class

CleanupOptions class

Allows to specify options for document cleaning. To learn more, visit the Clean Up a Document documentation article.


CleanupOptions()The default constructor.


duplicate_styleGets/sets a flag indicating whether duplicate styles should be removed from document. Default value is False.
unused_builtin_stylesSpecifies that unused Style.built_in styles should be removed from document.
unused_listsSpecifies whether unused list and list definitions should be removed from document. Default value is True.
unused_stylesSpecifies whether unused styles should be removed from document. Default value is True.


Shows how to remove all unused custom styles from a document.

doc = aw.Document()

doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.LIST, "MyListStyle1")
doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.LIST, "MyListStyle2")
doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.CHARACTER, "MyParagraphStyle1")
doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.CHARACTER, "MyParagraphStyle2")

# Combined with the built-in styles, the document now has eight styles.
# A custom style is marked as "used" while there is any text within the document
# formatted in that style. This means that the 4 styles we added are currently unused.
self.assertEqual(8, doc.styles.count)

# Apply a custom character style, and then a custom list style. Doing so will mark them as "used".
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc) = doc.styles.get_by_name("MyParagraphStyle1")
builder.writeln("Hello world!")

builder.list_format.list = doc.lists.add(doc.styles.get_by_name("MyListStyle1"))
builder.writeln("Item 1")
builder.writeln("Item 2")

# Now, there is one unused character style and one unused list style.
# The "cleanup" method, when configured with a CleanupOptions object, can target unused styles and remove them.
cleanup_options = aw.CleanupOptions()
cleanup_options.unused_lists = True
cleanup_options.unused_styles = True
cleanup_options.unused_builtin_styles = True


self.assertEqual(4, doc.styles.count)

# Removing every node that a custom style is applied to marks it as "unused" again.
# Rerun the "cleanup" method to remove them.

self.assertEqual(2, doc.styles.count)

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