ConditionalStyle class

ConditionalStyle class

Represents special formatting applied to some area of a table with assigned table style. To learn more, visit the Working with Tables documentation article.


bordersGets the collection of default cell borders for the conditional style.
bottom_paddingGets or sets the amount of space (in points) to add below the contents of table cells.
fontGets the character formatting of the conditional style.
left_paddingGets or sets the amount of space (in points) to add to the left of the contents of table cells.
paragraph_formatGets the paragraph formatting of the conditional style.
right_paddingGets or sets the amount of space (in points) to add to the right of the contents of table cells.
shadingGets a Shading object that refers to the shading formatting for this conditional style.
top_paddingGets or sets the amount of space (in points) to add above the contents of table cells.
typeGets table area to which this conditional style relates.


clear_formatting()Clears formatting of this conditional style.


Shows how to work with certain area styles of a table.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

table = builder.start_table()
builder.write("Cell 1")
builder.write("Cell 2")
builder.write("Cell 3")
builder.write("Cell 4")

# Create a custom table style.
table_style = doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.TABLE, "MyTableStyle1").as_table_style()

# Conditional styles are formatting changes that affect only some of the table's cells
# based on a predicate, such as the cells being in the last row.
# Below are three ways of accessing a table style's conditional styles from the "conditional_styles" collection.
# 1 -  By style type:
table_style.conditional_styles[aw.ConditionalStyleType.FIRST_ROW].shading.background_pattern_color = drawing.Color.alice_blue

# 2 -  By index:
table_style.conditional_styles[0].borders.color =
table_style.conditional_styles[0].borders.line_style = aw.LineStyle.DOT_DASH
self.assertEqual(aw.ConditionalStyleType.FIRST_ROW, table_style.conditional_styles[0].type)

# 3 -  As a property:
table_style.conditional_styles.first_row.paragraph_format.alignment = aw.ParagraphAlignment.CENTER

# Apply padding and text formatting to conditional styles.
table_style.conditional_styles.last_row.bottom_padding = 10
table_style.conditional_styles.last_row.left_padding = 10
table_style.conditional_styles.last_row.right_padding = 10
table_style.conditional_styles.last_row.top_padding = 10
table_style.conditional_styles.last_column.font.bold = True

# List all possible style conditions.
for conditional_style in table_style.conditional_styles:
    if conditional_style is not None:

# Apply the custom style, which contains all conditional styles, to the table. = table_style

# Our style applies some conditional styles by default.
self.assertEqual(aw.tables.TableStyleOptions.FIRST_ROW | aw.tables.TableStyleOptions.FIRST_COLUMN | aw.tables.TableStyleOptions.ROW_BANDS,

# We will need to enable all other styles ourselves via the "style_options" property.
table.style_options = table.style_options | aw.tables.TableStyleOptions.LAST_ROW | aw.tables.TableStyleOptions.LAST_COLUMN + "Table.conditional_styles.docx")

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