ConvertUtil class

ConvertUtil class

Provides helper functions to convert between various measurement units. To learn more, visit the Convert Between Measurement Units documentation article.


Name Description
inch_to_point(inches) Converts inches to points.
millimeter_to_point(millimeters) Converts millimeters to points.
pixel_to_new_dpi(pixels, old_dpi, new_dpi) Converts pixels from one resolution to another.
pixel_to_point(pixels) Converts pixels to points at 96 dpi.
pixel_to_point(pixels, resolution) Converts pixels to points at the specified pixel resolution.
point_to_inch(points) Converts points to inches.
point_to_pixel(points) Converts points to pixels at 96 dpi.
point_to_pixel(points, resolution) Converts points to pixels at the specified pixel resolution.


Shows how to adjust paper size, orientation, margins, along with other settings for a section.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.page_setup.paper_size = aw.PaperSize.LEGAL
builder.page_setup.orientation = aw.Orientation.LANDSCAPE
builder.page_setup.top_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.0)
builder.page_setup.bottom_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.0)
builder.page_setup.left_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.5)
builder.page_setup.right_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.5)
builder.page_setup.header_distance = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(0.2)
builder.page_setup.footer_distance = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(0.2)

builder.writeln("Hello world!") + "PageSetup.page_margins.docx")

Shows how to specify page properties in inches.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# A section's "Page Setup" defines the size of the page margins in points.
# We can also use the "ConvertUtil" class to use a more familiar measurement unit,
# such as inches when defining boundaries.
page_setup = builder.page_setup
page_setup.top_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.0)
page_setup.bottom_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(2.0)
page_setup.left_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(2.5)
page_setup.right_margin = aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1.5)

# An inch is 72 points.
self.assertEqual(72.0, aw.ConvertUtil.inch_to_point(1))
self.assertEqual(1.0, aw.ConvertUtil.point_to_inch(72))

# Add content to demonstrate the new margins.
    f"This Text is {page_setup.left_margin} points/{aw.ConvertUtil.point_to_inch(page_setup.left_margin)} inches from the left, " +
    f"{page_setup.right_margin} points/{aw.ConvertUtil.point_to_inch(page_setup.right_margin)} inches from the right, " +
    f"{page_setup.top_margin} points/{aw.ConvertUtil.point_to_inch(page_setup.top_margin)} inches from the top, " +
    f"and {page_setup.bottom_margin} points/{aw.ConvertUtil.point_to_inch(page_setup.bottom_margin)} inches from the bottom of the page.") + "UtilityClasses.points_and_inches.docx")

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