push_font method


Saves current character formatting onto the stack.

def push_font(self):


Shows how to use a document builder’s formatting stack.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Set up font formatting, then write the text that goes before the hyperlink.
builder.font.name = "Arial"
builder.font.size = 24
builder.write("To visit Google, hold Ctrl and click ")

# Preserve our current formatting configuration on the stack.

# Alter the builder's current formatting by applying a new style.
builder.font.style_identifier = aw.StyleIdentifier.HYPERLINK
builder.insert_hyperlink("here", "http://www.google.com", False)

self.assertEqual(drawing.Color.blue.to_argb(), builder.font.color.to_argb())
self.assertEqual(aw.Underline.SINGLE, builder.font.underline)

# Restore the font formatting that we saved earlier and remove the element from the stack.

self.assertEqual(drawing.Color.empty().to_argb(), builder.font.color.to_argb())
self.assertEqual(aw.Underline.NONE, builder.font.underline)

builder.write(". We hope you enjoyed the example.")

doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "DocumentBuilder.push_pop_font.docx")

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