EditableRange class

EditableRange class

Represents a single editable range. To learn more, visit the Aspose.Words Document Object Model (DOM) documentation article.


EditableRange is a “facade” object that encapsulates two nodes EditableRange.editable_range_start and EditableRange.editable_range_end in a document tree and allows to work with an editable range as a single object.


editable_range_endGets the node that represents the end of the editable range.
editable_range_startGets the node that represents the start of the editable range.
editor_groupReturns or sets an alias (or editing group) which shall be used to determine if the current user shall be allowed to edit this editable range.
idGets the editable range identifier.
single_userReturns or sets the single user for editable range.


remove()Removes the editable range from the document. Does not remove content inside the editable range.


Shows how to work with an editable range.

doc = aw.Document()
doc.protect(aw.ProtectionType.READ_ONLY, "MyPassword")

builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.writeln("Hello world! Since we have set the document's protection level to read-only," +
                " we cannot edit this paragraph without the password.")

# Editable ranges allow us to leave parts of protected documents open for editing.
editable_range_start = builder.start_editable_range()
builder.writeln("This paragraph is inside an editable range, and can be edited.")
editable_range_end = builder.end_editable_range()

# A well-formed editable range has a start node, and end node.
# These nodes have matching IDs and encompass editable nodes.
editable_range = editable_range_start.editable_range

self.assertEqual(editable_range_start.id, editable_range.id)
self.assertEqual(editable_range_end.id, editable_range.id)

# Different parts of the editable range link to each other.
self.assertEqual(editable_range_start.id, editable_range.editable_range_start.id)
self.assertEqual(editable_range_start.id, editable_range_end.editable_range_start.id)
self.assertEqual(editable_range.id, editable_range_start.editable_range.id)
self.assertEqual(editable_range_end.id, editable_range.editable_range_end.id)

# We can access the node types of each part like this. The editable range itself is not a node,
# but an entity which consists of a start, an end, and their enclosed contents.
self.assertEqual(aw.NodeType.EDITABLE_RANGE_START, editable_range_start.node_type)
self.assertEqual(aw.NodeType.EDITABLE_RANGE_END, editable_range_end.node_type)

builder.writeln("This paragraph is outside the editable range, and cannot be edited.")

doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "EditableRange.create_and_remove.docx")

# Remove an editable range. All the nodes that were inside the range will remain intact.

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