load_format property

FileFormatInfo.load_format property

Gets the detected document format.

def load_format(self) -> aspose.words.LoadFormat:


When an OOXML document is encrypted, it is not possible to ascertained whether it is an Excel, Word or PowerPoint document without decrypting it first so for an encrypted OOXML document this property will always return LoadFormat.DOCX.


Shows how to use the aw.FileFormatUtil class to detect the document format and encryption.

doc = aw.Document()

# Configure a SaveOptions object to encrypt the document
# with a password when we save it, and then save the document.
save_options = aw.saving.OdtSaveOptions(aw.SaveFormat.ODT)
save_options.password = "MyPassword"

doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.detect_document_encryption.odt", save_options)

# Verify the file type of our document, and its encryption status.
info = aw.FileFormatUtil.detect_file_format(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.detect_document_encryption.odt")

self.assertEqual(".odt", aw.FileFormatUtil.load_format_to_extension(info.load_format))

Shows how to use the aw.FileFormatUtil class to detect the document format and presence of digital signatures.

# Use a FileFormatInfo instance to verify that a document is not digitally signed.
info = aw.FileFormatUtil.detect_file_format(MY_DIR + "Document.docx")

self.assertEqual(".docx", aw.FileFormatUtil.load_format_to_extension(info.load_format))

sign_options = aw.digitalsignatures.SignOptions()
sign_options.sign_time = datetime.now()

certificate_holder = aw.digitalsignatures.CertificateHolder.create(MY_DIR + "morzal.pfx", "aw", None)
aw.digitalsignatures.DigitalSignatureUtil.sign(MY_DIR + "Document.docx", ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.detect_digital_signatures.docx",
    certificate_holder, sign_options)

# Use a new FileFormatInstance to confirm that it is signed.
info = aw.FileFormatUtil.detect_file_format(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.detect_digital_signatures.docx")


# We can load and access the signatures of a signed document in a collection like this.
self.assertEqual(1, aw.digitalsignatures.DigitalSignatureUtil.load_signatures(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.detect_digital_signatures.docx").count)

Shows how to use the aw.FileFormatUtil methods to detect the format of a document.

# Load a document from a file that is missing a file extension, and then detect its file format.
with open(MY_DIR + "Word document with missing file extension", "rb") as doc_stream:

    info = aw.FileFormatUtil.detect_file_format(doc_stream)
    load_format = info.load_format

    self.assertEqual(aw.LoadFormat.DOC, load_format)

    # Below are two methods of converting a LoadFormat to its corresponding SaveFormat.
    # 1 -  Get the file extension string for the LoadFormat, then get the corresponding SaveFormat from that string:
    file_extension = aw.FileFormatUtil.load_format_to_extension(load_format)
    save_format = aw.FileFormatUtil.extension_to_save_format(file_extension)

    # 2 -  Convert the LoadFormat directly to its SaveFormat:
    save_format = aw.FileFormatUtil.load_format_to_save_format(load_format)

    # Load a document from the stream, and then save it to the automatically detected file extension.
    doc = aw.Document(doc_stream)

    self.assertEqual(".doc", aw.FileFormatUtil.save_format_to_extension(save_format))

    doc.save(ARTIFACTS_DIR + "File.save_to_detected_file_format" + aw.FileFormatUtil.save_format_to_extension(save_format))

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