clone method


Creates a duplicate of the node.

def clone(self, is_clone_children: bool):
Parameter Type Description
is_clone_children bool

This method serves as a copy constructor for nodes. The cloned node has no parent, but belongs to the same document as the original node.

This method always performs a deep copy of the node. The parameter specifies whether to perform copy all child nodes as well.


The cloned node.


Shows how to clone a composite node.

doc = aw.Document()
para = doc.first_section.body.first_paragraph
para.append_child(aw.Run(doc, "Hello world!"))

# Below are two ways of cloning a composite node.
# 1 -  Create a clone of a node, and create a clone of each of its child nodes as well.
clone_with_children = para.clone(True)

self.assertEqual("Hello world!", clone_with_children.get_text().strip())

# 2 -  Create a clone of a node just by itself without any children.
clone_without_children = para.clone(False)

self.assertEqual("", clone_without_children.get_text().strip())

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