get_text method


Gets the text of this node and of all its children.

def get_text(self):

The returned string includes all control and special characters as described in ControlChar.


Shows how to use control characters.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

# Insert paragraphs with text with DocumentBuilder.
builder.writeln("Hello world!")
builder.writeln("Hello again!")

# Converting the document to text form reveals that control characters
# represent some of the document's structural elements, such as page breaks.
self.assertEqual("Hello world!" + aw.ControlChar.CR +
                 "Hello again!" + aw.ControlChar.CR +
                 aw.ControlChar.PAGE_BREAK, doc.get_text())

# When converting a document to string form,
# we can omit some of the control characters with the "strip" method.
self.assertEqual("Hello world!" + aw.ControlChar.CR +
                 "Hello again!", doc.get_text().strip())

Shows how to construct an Aspose.Words document by hand.

doc = aw.Document()

# A blank document contains one section, one body and one paragraph.
# Call the "remove_all_children" method to remove all those nodes,
# and end up with a document node with no children.

# This document now has no composite child nodes that we can add content to.
# If we wish to edit it, we will need to repopulate its node collection.
# First, create a new section, and then append it as a child to the root document node.
section = aw.Section(doc)

# Set some page setup properties for the section.
section.page_setup.section_start = aw.SectionStart.NEW_PAGE
section.page_setup.paper_size = aw.PaperSize.LETTER

# A section needs a body, which will contain and display all its contents
# on the page between the section's header and footer.
body = aw.Body(doc)

# Create a paragraph, set some formatting properties, and then append it as a child to the body.
para = aw.Paragraph(doc)

para.paragraph_format.style_name = "Heading 1"
para.paragraph_format.alignment = aw.ParagraphAlignment.CENTER


# Finally, add some content to do the document. Create a run,
# set its appearance and contents, and then append it as a child to the paragraph.
run = aw.Run(doc)
run.text = "Hello World!"
run.font.color =

self.assertEqual("Hello World!", doc.get_text().strip()) + "Section.create_manually.docx")

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