previous_sibling property

Node.previous_sibling property

Gets the node immediately preceding this node.

If there is no preceding node, a None is returned.


Shows how to use of methods of Node and CompositeNode to remove a section before the last section in the document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.writeln("Section 1 text.")
builder.writeln("Section 2 text.")

# Both sections are siblings of each other.
last_section = doc.last_child.as_section()
first_section = last_section.previous_sibling.as_section()

# Remove a section based on its sibling relationship with another section.
if last_section.previous_sibling is not None:

# The section we removed was the first one, leaving the document with only the second.
self.assertEqual("Section 2 text.", doc.get_text().strip())

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