to_array method


Copies all nodes from the collection to a new array of nodes.

def to_array(self):


You should not be adding/removing nodes while iterating over a collection of nodes because it invalidates the iterator and requires refreshes for live collections.

To be able to add/remove nodes during iteration, use this method to copy nodes into a fixed-size array and then iterate over the array.


An array of nodes.


Shows how to select certain nodes by using an XPath expression.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Tables.docx")

# This expression will extract all paragraph nodes,
# which are descendants of any table node in the document.
node_list = doc.select_nodes("//Table//Paragraph")

# Iterate through the list with an enumerator and print the contents of every paragraph in each cell of the table.
index = 0

for node in node_list:
    print(f'Table paragraph index {index}, contents: "{node.get_text().strip()}"')
    index += 1

# This expression will select any paragraphs that are direct children of any Body node in the document.
node_list = doc.select_nodes("//Body/Paragraph")

# We can treat the list as an array.
self.assertEqual(4, len(node_list.to_array()))

# Use "select_single_node" to select the first result of the same expression as above.
node = doc.select_single_node("//Body/Paragraph")

self.assertIsInstance(node.as_paragraph(), aw.Paragraph)

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