is_move_from_revision property

Paragraph.is_move_from_revision property

Returns True if this object was moved (deleted) in Microsoft Word while change tracking was enabled.

def is_move_from_revision(self) -> bool:


Shows how to check whether a paragraph is a move revision.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Revisions.docx")

# This document contains "Move" revisions, which appear when we highlight text with the cursor,
# and then drag it to move it to another location
# while tracking revisions in Microsoft Word via "Review" -> "Track changes".
self.assertEqual(6, len([r for r in doc.revisions if r.revision_type == aw.RevisionType.MOVING]))

paragraphs = doc.first_section.body.paragraphs

# Move revisions consist of pairs of "Move from", and "Move to" revisions.
# These revisions are potential changes to the document that we can either accept or reject.
# Before we accept/reject a move revision, the document
# must keep track of both the departure and arrival destinations of the text.
# The second and the fourth paragraph define one such revision, and thus both have the same contents.
self.assertEqual(paragraphs[1].get_text(), paragraphs[3].get_text())

# The "Move from" revision is the paragraph where we dragged the text from.
# If we accept the revision, this paragraph will disappear,
# and the other will remain and no longer be a revision.

# The "Move to" revision is the paragraph where we dragged the text to.
# If we reject the revision, this paragraph instead will disappear, and the other will remain.

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