ProtectionType enumeration

ProtectionType enumeration

Protection type for a document.


Name Description
ALLOW_ONLY_COMMENTS User can only modify comments in the document.
ALLOW_ONLY_FORM_FIELDS User can only enter data in the form fields in the document.
ALLOW_ONLY_REVISIONS User can only add revision marks to the document.
READ_ONLY No changes are allowed to the document. Available since Microsoft Word 2003.
NO_PROTECTION The document is not protected.


Shows how to turn off protection for a section.

doc = aw.Document()

builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.writeln("Section 1. Hello world!")

builder.writeln("Section 2. Hello again!")
builder.write("Please enter text here: ")
builder.insert_text_input("TextInput1", aw.fields.TextFormFieldType.REGULAR, "", "Placeholder text", 0)

# Apply write protection to every section in the document.

# Turn off write protection for the first section.
doc.sections[0].protected_for_forms = False

# In this output document, we will be able to edit the first section freely,
# and we will only be able to edit the contents of the form field in the second section. + "Section.protect.docx")

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