RevisionsView enumeration

RevisionsView enumeration

Allows to specify whether to work with the original or revised version of a document.


ORIGINALSpecifies original version of a document.
FINALSpecifies revised version of a document.


Shows how to switch between the revised and the original view of a document.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Revisions at list levels.docx")

paragraphs = doc.first_section.body.paragraphs
self.assertEqual("1.", paragraphs[0].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual("a.", paragraphs[1].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual("", paragraphs[2].list_label.label_string)

# View the document object as if all the revisions are accepted. Currently supports list labels.
doc.revisions_view = aw.RevisionsView.FINAL

self.assertEqual("", paragraphs[0].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual("1.", paragraphs[1].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual("a.", paragraphs[2].list_label.label_string)

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