SectionCollection class

SectionCollection class

A collection of Section objects in the document. To learn more, visit the Working with Sections documentation article.


A Microsoft Word document can contain multiple sections. To create a section in a Microsoft Word, select the Insert/Break command and select a break type. The break specifies whether section starts on a new page or on the same page.

Programmatically inserting and removing sections can be used to customize documents produced during mail merge. If a document needs to have different content or parts of the content depending on some criteria, then you can create a “master” document that contains multiple sections and delete some of the sections before or after mail merge.

Inheritance: SectionCollectionNodeCollection


__getitem__(index)Retrieves a section at the given index.


countGets the number of nodes in the collection.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)


add(node)Adds a node to the end of the collection.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
clear()Removes all nodes from this collection and from the document.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
contains(node)Determines whether a node is in the collection.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
index_of(node)Returns the zero-based index of the specified node.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
insert(index, node)Inserts a node into the collection at the specified index.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
remove(node)Removes the node from the collection and from the document.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
remove_at(index)Removes the node at the specified index from the collection and from the document.
(Inherited from NodeCollection)
to_array()Copies all sections from the collection to a new array of sections.


Shows how to add and remove sections in a document.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)

builder.write("Section 1")
builder.write("Section 2")

self.assertEqual("Section 1\u000cSection 2", doc.get_text().strip())

# Delete the first section from the document.

self.assertEqual("Section 2", doc.get_text().strip())

# Append a copy of what is now the first section to the end of the document.
last_section_idx = doc.sections.count - 1
new_section = doc.sections[last_section_idx].clone()

self.assertEqual("Section 2\u000cSection 2", doc.get_text().strip())

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