StyleCollection class

StyleCollection class

A collection of Style objects that represent both the built-in and user-defined styles in a document. To learn more, visit the Working with Styles and Themes documentation article.


__getitem__(index)Gets a style by index.


countGets the number of styles in the collection.
default_fontGets document default text formatting.
default_paragraph_formatGets document default paragraph formatting.
documentGets the owner document.


add(type, name)Creates a new user defined style and adds it the collection.
add_copy(style)Copies a style into this collection.
clear_quick_style_gallery()Removes all styles from the Quick Style Gallery panel.
get_by_name(name)Gets a style by name or alias.
get_by_style_identifier(sti)Gets a built-in style by its locale independent identifier.


Shows how to create and use a paragraph style with list formatting.

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
# Create a custom paragraph style.
style = doc.styles.add(aw.StyleType.PARAGRAPH, 'MyStyle1')
style.font.size = 24 = 'Verdana'
style.paragraph_format.space_after = 12
# Create a list and make sure the paragraphs that use this style will use this list.
style.list_format.list = doc.lists.add(list_template=aw.lists.ListTemplate.BULLET_DEFAULT)
style.list_format.list_level_number = 0
# Apply the paragraph style to the document builder's current paragraph, and then add some text. = style
builder.writeln('Hello World: MyStyle1, bulleted list.')
# Change the document builder's style to one that has no list formatting and write another paragraph. = doc.styles.get_by_name('Normal')
builder.writeln('Hello World: Normal.') + 'Styles.ParagraphStyleBulletedList.docx')

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