TabStop class

TabStop class

Represents a single custom tab stop. The TabStop object is a member of the TabStopCollection collection. To learn more, visit the Aspose.Words Document Object Model (DOM) documentation article.

Normally, a tab stop specifies a position where a tab stop exists. But because tab stops can be inherited from parent styles, it might be needed for the child object to define explicitly that there is no tab stop at a given position. To clear an inherited tab stop at a given position, create a TabStop object and set TabStop.alignment to TabAlignment.CLEAR.

For more information see TabStopCollection.


Name Description
TabStop(position) Initializes a new instance of this class.
TabStop(position, alignment, leader) Initializes a new instance of this class.


Name Description
alignment Gets or sets the alignment of text at this tab stop.
is_clear Returns True if this tab stop clears any existing tab stops in this position.
leader Gets or sets the type of the leader line displayed under the tab character.
position Gets the position of the tab stop in points.


Name Description
equals(rhs) Compares with the specified TabStop.


Shows how to modify the position of the right tab stop in TOC related paragraphs.

doc = aw.Document(MY_DIR + "Table of contents.docx")

# Iterate through all paragraphs with TOC result-based styles; this is any style between TOC and TOC9.
for para in doc.get_child_nodes(aw.NodeType.PARAGRAPH, True):
    para = para.as_paragraph()
    if ( >= aw.StyleIdentifier.TOC1 and <= aw.StyleIdentifier.TOC9):

        # Get the first tab used in this paragraph, this should be the tab used to align the page numbers.
        tab = para.paragraph_format.tab_stops[0]

        # Replace the first default tab, stop with a custom tab stop.
        para.paragraph_format.tab_stops.add(tab.position - 50, tab.alignment, tab.leader) + "Styles.change_tocs_tab_stops.docx")

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