XarFileEntry class

Represents file entry within xar archive.

public sealed class XarFileEntry : XarEntry, IArchiveFileEntry


CreationTime { get; }Gets the creation time of the file or directory.
FullPath { get; }Gets full path of the entry within archive.
IsDirectory { get; }Gets a value indicating whether the entry represents directory.
LastAccessTime { get; }Gets the last access time of the file or directory.
LastWriteTime { get; }Gets the modification time of the file or directory.
Length { get; }Gets the length of the entry in bytes.
Name { get; }Gets name of the entry within archive.
Parent { get; }Gets the parent directory the entry belongs to.


Extract(Stream)Extracts the entry to the stream provided.
Extract(string)Extracts the entry to the filesystem by the path provided.
Open()Opens the entry for extraction and provides a stream with entry content.
override ToString()

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