The Zip namespace contains classes which represent zip archive and common archive related entities.


ArchiveThis class represents zip archive file. Use it to compose, extract, or update zip archives.
ArchiveEntryRepresents single file within archive.
ArchiveEntryEncryptedZip entry that needs to be compressed with encryption or decompressed with decryption.
ArchiveEntryPlainZip entry that needs to be compressed without encryption or decompressed without decryption.
ArchiveFactoryDetects the archive format and creates the appropriate IArchive object according to the type of archive.
ArchiveLoadOptionsOptions with which archive is loaded from compressed file.
CancelEntryEventArgsEvent arguments for cancelable entry related events.
ComHelperProvides methods for COM clients to load archives into Aspose.Zip.
EntryEventArgsEvent arguments for entry related events.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
MeteredLicenseProvides methods to set metered key.
ProgressEventArgsClass for event data containing the number of bytes proceeded.


IArchiveThis interface represents an archive.
IArchiveFileEntryThis interface represents an archive file entry.