Aspose.PDF for Node.js via C++

Aspose.PDF for Node.js via C++ allows developers manipulate them PDF files directly in the Node.js.

Convert from PDF functions

AsposePdfPagesToJpgConvert a PDF-file to JPG.
AsposePdfPagesToPngConvert a PDF-file to PNG.
AsposePdfPagesToTiffConvert a PDF-file to TIFF.
AsposePdfPagesToBmpConvert a PDF-file to BMP.
AsposePdfPagesToDICOMConvert a PDF-file to DICOM.
AsposePdfPagesToSvgConvert a PDF-file to SVG.
AsposePdfPagesToSvgZipConvert a PDF-file to SVG(zip).
AsposePdfToTeXConvert a PDF-file to TeX.
AsposePdfToXpsConvert a PDF-file to Xps.
AsposePdfTablesToCSVConvert a PDF-file to CSV (extract tables).
AsposePdfToTxtConvert a PDF-file to Txt.
AsposePdfConvertToGrayscaleConvert a PDF-file to grayscale.
AsposePdfConvertToPDFAConvert a PDF-file to PDF/A.
AsposePdfAConvertToPDFConvert a PDF/A-file to PDF.
AsposePdfToDocXConvert a PDF-file to DocX.
AsposePdfToXlsXConvert a PDF-file to XlsX.
AsposePdfToEPUBConvert a PDF-file to ePub.
AsposePdfToDocConvert a PDF-file to Doc.
AsposePdfToPptXConvert a PDF-file to PptX.
AsposePdfExtractTextExtract text from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfExtractImageExtract image from a PDF-file.

Organize PDF functions

AsposePdfOptimizeOptimize a PDF-file.
AsposePdfMerge2FilesMerge two PDF-files.
AsposePdfSplit2FilesSplit to two PDF-files.
AsposePdfRotateAllPagesRotate PDF-pages.
AsposePdfDeletePagesDelete pages from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfAddStampAdd stamp to a PDF-file.
AsposePdfAddImageAdd an image to end a PDF-file.
AsposePdfAddPageNumAdd page number to a PDF-file.
AsposePdfAddBackgroundImageAdd background image to a PDF-file.
AsposePdfAddTextHeaderFooterAdd text in Header/Footer of a PDF-file.
AsposePdfRepairRepair a PDF-file.
AsposePdfOptimizeResourceOptimize resources of PDF-file.
AsposePdfSetBackgroundColorSet the background color for the PDF-file.
AsposePdfDeleteAnnotationsDelete annotations from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfDeleteBookmarksDelete bookmarks from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfDeleteAttachmentsDelete attachments from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfDeleteImagesDelete images from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfDeleteJavaScriptsDelete JavaScripts from a PDF-file.

Metadata PDF functions

AsposePdfSetInfoSet info (metadata) in a PDF-file.
AsposePdfGetInfoGet info (metadata) from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfGetAllFontsGet list fonts from a PDF-file.
AsposePdfRemoveMetadataRemove metadata from a PDF-file.

Security PDF functions

AsposePdfEncryptEncrypt a PDF-file.
AsposePdfDecryptDecrypt a PDF-file.
AsposePdfSignPKCS7Sign a PDF-file with digital signatures.
AsposePdfChangePasswordChange passwords of the PDF-file.


AsposePdfAboutGet info about Product.