Class SearchItemType

  • public final class SearchItemType
    extends Enum

    Provides the item type values to limit search results to only a specific type of item.

    • Nested Class Summary

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        Enum.AbstractEnum, Enum.EnumMap, Enum.FlaggedEnum, Enum.ObjectEnum, Enum.SimpleEnum
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Contacts
      Corresponds to contacts.
      static int Docs
      Corresponds to documents.
      static int Email
      Corresponds to emails.
      static int Faxes
      Corresponds to faxes.
      static int Im
      Corresponds to instant messages.
      static int Journals
      Corresponds to journals.
      static int Meetings
      Corresponds to appointments and meeting requests.
      static int Notes
      Corresponds to notes.
      static int Posts
      Corresponds to posts.
      static int RssFeeds
      Corresponds to rss feeds.
      static int Tasks
      Corresponds to tasks.
      static int Voicemail
      Corresponds to voice-mail.
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        Clone, CloneTo, format, format, get_Caption, get_Value, getName, getName, getNames, getNames, getUnderlyingType, getUnderlyingType, getValue, getValues, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, parse, parse, parse, parse, register, toObject, toString