Class VCardPhotoType

  • public final class VCardPhotoType
    extends Enum

    Enumerates vCard photo type

    • Nested Class Summary

      • Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class Enum

        Enum.AbstractEnum, Enum.EnumMap, Enum.FlaggedEnum, Enum.ObjectEnum, Enum.SimpleEnum
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int AVI
      Intel avi format
      static int BMP
      MS windows bitmap
      static int CGM
      ISO computer graphics metafile
      static int DIB
      MS windows dib
      static int GIF
      Graphics interchange format
      static int JPEG
      Jpeg format
      static int MET
      IBM pm metafile
      static int MPEG
      Mpeg format
      static int MPEG2
      MPEG v.2 format
      static int PDF
      Adobe page description format
      static int PICT
      Apple picture format
      static int PMB
      IBM pm bitmap
      static int PS
      Adobe postscript format
      static int QTIME
      Apple quickTime format
      static int TIFF
      Tagged image file format
      static int WMF
      MS windows metafile
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      Constructor and Description
      Constructor for VCardPhotoType.
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        Clone, CloneTo, format, format, get_Caption, get_Value, getName, getName, getNames, getNames, getUnderlyingType, getUnderlyingType, getValue, getValues, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, isDefined, parse, parse, parse, parse, register, toObject, toString