Aspose.Gis namespace provides classes for generating, converting, and modifying GIS data.


AbstractPathAn AbstractPath is a base class for classes that specify a unique location in an environment similar to a filesystem, like a local filesystem, a remote file storage or a ZIP archive, among others.
AttributesConverterActionsOptional actions with attributes of the destination layer.
ConversionOptionsOptions for converting data between formats.
DatabaseDriverA driver for a specific database based format.
DatabaseDriverOptionsOptions for a DatabaseDriver.
DatasetA dataset is the collection of VectorLayer instances.
DriverA base class for drivers to GIS data.
DriverOptionsOptions for a Driver.
DriversDrivers for all supported formats.
ExtentA two-dimensional spatial bounding box.
FeatureA geographic feature composed of a geometry and user-defined attributes.
FeatureAttributeAn attribute of a Feature.
FeatureAttributeCollectionA FeatureAttributeCollection defines what attributes are available for a Feature.
FeaturesSequenceFeaturesSequence represents a set of vector features.
FeatureStyleThe abstract root class of the feature styles hierarchy.
FileDriverA driver for a specific file based format.
GeoConvertConverts coordinates to/from the different formats.
GisExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an error occurs during GIS data processing.
LicenseProvides methods to license the component.
MeteredProvides methods to set metered key.
NumericFormatNumericFormat are used to format common numeric types in text.
PrecisionModelPrecisionModel specifies a number of significant digits in a coordinate.
RasterDriverA driver for a specific raster based format.
RasterDriverOptionsOptions for a RasterDriver.
SavingOptionsOptions for saving FeaturesSequence to file.
VectorLayerRepresents a vector layer. A vector layer is a collection of geographic features, stored in a file.


IAttributesConverterA custom converter for layer attributes.
IFeatureStyleThe interface root class of the feature styles hierarchy.


AttributeDataTypeThe data type of a feature attribute.
AutoIdsAuto-generate ids.
PointFormatsPointFormats are used to convert coordinates in text.
SpatialReferenceSystemModeSpecifies a mode of Spatial Reference System (SRS) writing in database if it’s an unknown SRS.