AirsyncFilterType enumeration

Specifies an optional time window for the objects

public enum AirsyncFilterType


Name Value Description
NoFilter 0 No filter- synchronize all items
OneDay 1 Specifies 1 day time window
ThreeDays 2 Specifies 3 days time window
OneWeek 3 Specifies 1 week time window
TwoWeeks 4 Specifies 2 weeks time window
OneMonth 5 Specifies 1 month time window
ThreeMonths 6 Specifies 3 months time window
SixMonths 7 Specifies 6 months time window
IncompleteTasks 8 Filter by incomplete tasks
Any 9 Identifies any email, contact, calendar or task collection results in a Status element value of 103.

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