SettingsRequest class

The Settings command supports get and set operations on global properties and Out of Office (OOF) settings for the user. The Settings command also sends device information to the server, implements the device password/personal identification number (PIN) recovery, and retrieves a list of the user’s email addresses.

public class SettingsRequest


Name Description
SettingsRequest() The default constructor.


Name Description
DeviceInformation { get; set; } Request that is used for sending the client device’s properties to the server.
DevicePassword { get; set; } Specifies the request to set recovery password of the client device by the server. To clear an existing recovery password, the client MUST send an empty Password.
GetRightsManagementInformation { get; set; } Requests a rights management information from the server.
GetUserInformation { get; set; } Requests a list of a user’s email addresses from the server.
Oof { get; set; } Specifies a request for retrieving and setting Out of Office (OOF) information.

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