Email enumeration

Email namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

public enum Email


Name Value Description
DateReceived 15 Specifies the date and time that the message was received on the server.
DisplayTo 17 Specifies the names of the primary recipients of the message.
Importance 18 Specifies the importance of the message, as determined by the sender.
MessageClass 19 Specifies the message class of this e-mail message.
Subject 20 Specifies the subject of the e-mail message or the subject of the flag as it would appear in a task list.
Read 21 Specifies whether the message has been read.
To 22 Specifies the list of recipients
Cc 23 Specifies the list of secondary recipients.
From 24 Specifies the e-mail address of the message sender.
ReplyTo 25 Specifies the e-mail address to which replies will be addressed by default.
AllDayEvent 26 Specifies whether the calendar item is an all-day event.
Categories 27 Specifies the user-selected categories for this message.
Category 28 Specifies the category for this e-mail item.
DtStamp 29 Specifies the date and time that the calendar item was created.
EndTime 30 Specifies the date and time that the meeting ends.
InstanceType 31 Specifies the type of calendar item.
BusyStatus 32 Specifies the intended busy status for the meeting request.
Location 33 Specifies the location for the calendar item.
MeetingRequest 34 Specifies a meeting request accompanying an e-mail message.
Organizer 35 Specifies the e-mail alias of the meeting organizer.
RecurrenceId 36 Specifies a specific instance of a recurring calendar item.
Reminder 37 Specifies the number of seconds prior to the calendar item’s start time that a reminder is displayed.
ResponseRequested 38 Specifies whether the originator of the meeting has requested a response.
Recurrences 39 Specifies a collection of Recurrence elements.
Recurrence 40 Specifies a collection of Recurrence elements that describe when and how often this meeting recurs.
Type 41 Specifies the recurrence type of the recurring meeting.
Until 42 Specifies the end time of a series of recurrence meetings.
Occurrences 43 Specifies the number of occurrences before the series of recurring meeting ends.
Interval 44 Specifies the interval between recurrences of the recurring meeting.
DayOfWeek 45 Specifies the day of the week of the recurring meeting.
DayOfMonth 46 Specifies the day of the month of the recurring meeting.
WeekOfMonth 47 Specifies the week of the month of the recurring meeting.
MonthOfYear 48 Specifies the month of the year of the recurring meeting.
StartTime 49 Specifies the date and time that the meeting starts.
Sensitivity 50 Specifies the confidentiality level of the meeting request.
TimeZone 51 Specifies the time zone specified when the calendar item was created.
GlobalObjId 52 Specifies a 76-digit hexadecimal ID generated by the client for the meeting request.
ThreadTopic 53 Specifies the topic used in conversation reading.
InternetCPID 57 Specifies the original code page ID from the MIME message.
Flag 58 Specifies the flag associated with the item, along with the item’s current status.
Status 59 Specifies the current status of the flag.
ContentClass 60 Specifies the content class of the data.
FlagType 61 Specifies the type of the flag.
CompleteTime 62 Specifies the time at which the flagged item was marked as finished.
DisallowNewTimeProposal 63 Specifies whether recipients can propose a new meeting time.

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