ResolveRecipientsOptions class

Contains the options for resolving the list of recipients.

public class ResolveRecipientsOptions


Name Description
ResolveRecipientsOptions() The default constructor.


Name Description
Availability { get; set; } Indicates to the server that free/busy data is being requested by the client and identifies the start time and end time of the free/busy data to retrieve. When the Availability is included in a ResolveRecipients request, the server retrieves free/busy information for the users identified in the To elements included in the request, and returns the free/busy information in the MergedFreeBusy in the response. If the Availability element is included in the ResolveRecipients request, the request MUST also include a valid StartTime value and EndTime value. When the server parses the request, the server first resolves the recipients identified by the To elements, and then determines the users free/busy information for the specified time span, before returning the free/busy data in the MergedFreeBusy.
CertificateRetrieval { get; set; } Specifies whether S/MIME certificates SHOULD be returned by the server for each resolved recipient.
MaxAmbiguousRecipients { get; set; } Limits the number of suggestions that are returned for each ambiguous recipient node in the response. The value of the MaxAmbiguousRecipients is limited to a range of 0–9999. Each ambiguous recipient node receives only this many suggestions and no more. The recipient count, returned in the RecipientCount, can be used by the client to determine the total number of suggestions available for that recipient.
MaxCertificates { get; set; } Limits the total number of certificates that are returned by the server. The value of the MaxCertificates is limited to a range of 0–9999. This limit ensures that no individual recipient receives an incomplete set of certificates. If the MaxCertificates limit is reached while enumerating certificates for an address list, that address list will not get back any certificates and a Status value of 8 is returned.
Picture { get; set; } Indicates that the client is requesting that contact photos be returned in the server response. The Picture is not supported when the protocol version is 12.1 or 14.0. Contains the data related to the contact photos.

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