SyncAddServerOperation class

Creates a new object in a collection on the server.

public class SyncAddServerOperation


Name Description
SyncAddServerOperation() The default constructor.


Name Description
ApplicationData { get; } ApplicationData contains data for a particular object, such as a contact, email message, calendar appointment, or task item.
Class { get; set; } Identifies the class of the item being added to the collection.
ClientId { get; set; } Contains a unique identifier that is generated by the client to temporarily identify a new object that is being created by using the Add element. The client includes the ClientId element in the Add element request that it sends to the server. The server response contains an Add element that contains the original client ID and a new server ID that was assigned for the object, which replaces the client ID as the permanent object identifier. The ClientId element is a unique identifier that consists of up to 64 digits and letters. The client generates this ID. The value only has to be unique for the device during the duration of the Sync request that adds the object to the server. The client stores the client IDs until the synchronization session is completed successfully, to make recovery easier if the synchronization process fails.

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